Neurodiverse Friends Bournemouth

Just a group of good friends from neurodiverse backgrounds. We reach out to others from similar backgrounds regardless of student status or employment status. We have no office (unless you include Starbucks!). No expenses. No fundraising. Just volunteers and this shockingly poor website! There is no distinction between the befrienders and the befriended. It's time to love again!

Raising Autism Awareness and Community Protection

Due to my spare time being spent in the community I have little time to create a nice flash website. So I go for more of a simple blog approach.

18th March 2023 - Arnie's Light-hearted Humour - A threat made to autistic adult by a PC no longer working for Dorset Police after being given management advice. - Coming Soon

25th November 2022 - Are PSCOs misunderstood?